The Silent Assassins Squad woodsball club is for people who have the same interest in, and respect for, the game of woodsball and each other. All of our members hold great value in sportsmanship, a solid competitive edge, fair play and respect for other players. We are diehards about the sport – meaning that we push forward right to the last man, even after we are out of ammo. We eat, sleep, drink, dream, breathe and can't get enough of woodsball. Our motto says it all, "Fight to the last man".

Our members are expected to stay cool under pressure. We love woodsball and we're a competitive team that likes to win. We know other players are equally competitive and eager to win, which means there will be times where players can get fired up and angry at the conduct of opposing players. SAS members support each other and help our teammates keep their cool in aggravating situations by working hard to find ways to resolve issues on or off the field. We're not asking anyone to get walked on or disrespected in a game, but we do want to make sure everyone involved in a dispute is treated fairly.

We hold high standards in how we play, standards we think are higher than most other clubs. Safety always comes first in our games, and we will stop a game at any time if a safety concern is discovered; we congratulate other players for a good shot or an outstanding move; we do not tolerating cheating from our members; and we want other people to learn from our example, that with a little effort and respect we can all truly enjoy this sport for a long time. We think of ourselves as the guides to follow for true woodsballers.


I am an SAS Woodsball member,
I live for the growth of this sport.
I live by principles that unite this family, and this team:
Honor, Integrity, and Respect.

I will honor all members past, present, and future.
By this honor I will love my fellow teammates.
I will go to war for my brothers and sisters.
I live for the brotherhood.

My integrity is what defines my character.
I will be truthful on and off the field.
I will promote the sportsmanship that is expected in all players.
I will lead by example and encourage others to follow.

I will respect the player, respect the sport,
And above all else, have fun.
I will respect others in their style of play.
I will respect the rules that keep us players safe

I live for the game,
I will not back down from a fight.
I will fight to the last man,
I am SAS

Finally, the SAS club believes in the value of the sport of paintball, whether a player wishes to play speedball or woodsball. Regardless of how you play, this sport requires quick thinking and good reflexes, it requires teamwork and good communication skills, and it promotes fitness and an excellent way to relieve stress. We want new players to have a good time and learn how to function as a team – we coach, mentor, challenge, protect, and develop new players so our team and the sport will continue to grow.


And most of all, we never, ever take it too seriously. After all, it's just a game and we all play to have fun!

We take pride in all that we do, for example:

Our markers: We play milsim and enjoy customizing our markers to suit our style of play; in fact, we often impress ourselves at the custom mods our members create. The more we create the more ideas we get and the more we want to help our teammates improve their markers. Members are expected to help others to improve their markers and to share their experience in the true spirit of good sportsmanship. No member will ever be excluded for not having a milsim marker, because that would go against our basic rule of respecting other players.

Our uniforms: We dress alike to show that we are an organized team. We want to be an example of a group who devotes themselves to a common goal, and so we can be noticed by others as well. Members may choose any uniform they wish, but each team or chapter should work to be in the same uniform. No member will ever be excluded for not having a matching uniform, because that would go against our basic rule of respecting other players.

Our gear: We choose the milsim gear that will help us play the sport and achieve our goals on the field. We want to have a professional military look and feel, recognizing at the same time the reality that this is still just a sport and we are just looking to have a good time. Looking authentic and having practical milsim gear improves our ability to play well, and is part of how we have a good time. No member will ever be excluded for not having milsim gear, because that would go against our basic rule of respecting other players.

If you like what you've read here and are looking for a good team to join then I invite you to send us an email to learn more about SAS Woodsball. We are recruiting members and teams within Wisconsin, across America, and throughout the world, so don't waste another minute and contact us today! Inquire with your local chapter